Fusion Facial

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The Fusion Facial® is a PRP treatment that combines microneedling with growth factors in your blood. Growth factors are important for new cell development. When used as part of a microneedling facial, the growth factors stimulate new skin cells to rejuvenate your skin.


When performed properly by a licensed provider, the Kim Kardashian Fusion Facial® is safe for most patients. The exceptions are those with certain skin conditions that may worsen due to the microneedling process. Dr. Baker determines if you are a good candidate during the free consultation.


The results that you see in Fusion Facial® before and after pictures are produced by following two steps. First, Dr. Baker performs microneedling on the skin using a device that is designed with a series of small needles. The needles produce micro-injuries to the skin that stimulate collagen production. Next, a small amount of your own blood is processed to separate out the PRP that contains growth factors. The PRP is applied to the skin with a soft brush. The PRP penetrates the micro-injuries created by microneedling.

Recovery & Results

One of the Fusion Facial® benefits is that no downtime is needed after the treatment Once the PRP is removed from the skin surface, you may notice a slightly pink appearance. This lasts only 24 to 48 hours.

The production of new cells in the skin can take up to two months. Depending on your age, sun exposure and other factors, the results of a Fusion Facial® can last up to two years.