Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is an advanced treatment for excess hair on the body and face. Laser hair removal face treatments can be performed on even the most delicate skin, such as the upper lip. Laser facial hair removal for men reduces irritation and does not produce the stubble that occurs with shaving. Dr. Baker uses the DiolazeXL system because it is considered the gold standard of laser hair removal, providing better, longer-lasting results for men and women in with shorter, more comfortable treatments.


The Diolaze system is ideal for most skin and hair types.


Diolaze works by emitting laser energy into the hair follicle. The energy causes the follicle to fall out. Over time, the hair that regrows is thinner and less viable.


No recovery is needed after your laser hair removal treatment. Most of the hair is removed during the procedure. Any remaining hair will fall out over the next few days. You may still have sporadic hairs that are removed with subsequent treatments. Expect to have up to six treatments before all the hair is removed.


Laser hair removal results can last for several weeks. Some patients notice that the hair does not regrow after a series of treatments.


  • Small area (one of the following – forehead, glabella, cheeks, lip, sideburns, chin, neck, ears, toes, bikini line or hands, including the fingers)
  • Medium area (one of the following – lower face, neck, breasts, abdominal trail, underarms, extended bikini, lower arms or upper arms)
  • Large area (includes one of the following – full arms, full abdomen, full back, full legs, Brazilian with Peri-A area, buttocks, lower legs or upper legs)

There is an additional fee if the technician needs to shave the area prior to the laser treatment.