Quantum Thighs

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Quantum Thighs is a minimally invasive body sculpting technique that combines state-of-the-art technology with successful existing treatments. As an integral part of the revolutionary QuantumBody procedures, the impressive Quantum Thighs sculpting technique does not involve any incisions. That’s right! No long incisions close to intimate areas, no painful post-surgery blues and no unsightly scarring. Our patients receive treatment that is both practical and safe, and that yields highly desirable aesthetic results. In addition, they are able to return to their daily lives just 24 hours after the procedure.

Our thighs can pose problems when we gain weight, whether the causes are childbirth, a change in everyday habits, illness, or simply our genetics. They’re also notoriously resistant to diet and exercise. There are few things quite as annoying as realizing mid-workout that certain areas of fat just don’t seem to budge. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to you.

If you want smoother, more contoured thighs, Dr. Baker is a surgeon you can trust to get the job done. Located at 3100 Ridge Road, Rockwall, The Retreat Restorative and Aesthetics is a medical spa with a difference. Cultivate change and address your aesthetic desires in a safe, peaceful setting. Contact us via our website or call 469-769-7101 and speak to highly trained staff about what Quantum Thigh sculpting can do to help you feel more confident with your body’s appearance.

Why Choose Thigh Sculpting?

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We can’t talk about thigh sculpting without talking about liposuction! This well-known technique permanently removes excess fat, and is a popular solution for stubborn areas. Liposuction has been an established procedure for more than three decades, and is a common option at most cosmetic treatment centers. But, not all liposuction is the same. Fortunately, for the residents of Rockwall, Dallas, we offer advanced liposuction technology as part of Quantum Thigh sculpting to help you deal with stubborn, fatty deposits in your thighs. This minimally invasive technique is a stunningly successful way to improve the aesthetics of your legs. Dr. Baker gently removes fat through a tiny hole no bigger than an earring post, combining fat removal and skin tightening in one minimally-invasive session. Smoother, more trimmed thighs are within your reach at The Retreat, so contact us today at 469-769-7101 to discover the individual benefits of minimally invasive thigh sculpting.

Benefits of Thigh Sculpting

Public demand for better fat removal options and less invasive skin tightening and body contouring is on the rise.(2) Minimally invasive thigh sculpting techniques like Quantum Thigh involve a gentler, less forceful removal of unwanted fat. These procedures also provide a smoother, more toned appearance to the skin of the upper legs than traditional methods of fat removal. In addition, a Quantum Thigh procedure can mean:

  • No drastic changes in lifestyle or diet
  • Lasting results
  • Increased self-confidence

These factors, combined with the amazingly short length of this procedure, will put Quantum Thigh sculpting at the top of your cosmetic surgery wishlist! Visit our before & after photo gallery to see the real results of this safe, convenient procedure.

Candidates for Thigh Sculpting

A Quantum Thigh sculpting procedure is a perfect match for people who are struggling to change the appearance of their thighs through common means such as working out or reducing their caloric intake. Candidates for any Quantum Body procedure, including Quantum Thighs should be in good overall health. This means a healthy diet in combination with a regular exercise routine is a vital prerequisite. If you are close to your ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle, this is a great start. Nonsmokers with a body mass index of 30 or lower are ideal candidates for thigh sculpting.

Personal Consultation

Every individual who chooses treatment at The Retreat receives care of the highest standard in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Our diligent staff ensures you are comfortable before, during and after treatment and informed about every aspect of your thigh sculpting procedure. At your individualized consultation, Dr. Baker will assess your weight and other factors that could affect your treatment outcomes. He will evaluate your existing conditions physically before giving you a brief description of what your thigh sculpting experience will entail and how it will benefit you specifically.

Preparation for Thigh Sculpting

It is highly advisable not to eat anything two hours before your surgery. In preparation for your Quantum Thigh sculpting procedure, you should also ensure you do the following:

  • Remove lotion/topical skin creams
  • Shave any hair that may impede access to the area
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and caffeine a day before your treatment
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
Quantum Thigh sculpting is a rapid recovery procedure that limits downtime and enables you to get on with the things you love with minimal discomfort. Learn about long-lasting rejuvenation results at The Retreat and stay up-to-date with the latest restorative procedures by visiting our blog. The first step toward your exciting transformation is only a click away!

Thigh Sculpting Procedure

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Using the very latest body sculpting technology, the QuantumBody system conveniently solves the two problems of excess fat and skin simultaneously.

The radiofrequency (RF) tech procedure heats fat and promotes the body’s naturally occurring rejuvenation processes. It is proven to be both safe and effective in the treatment of subcutaneous fat.(3) This makes the fat easier to remove with liposuction, and it also tightens the skin. Liposuction removes unwanted fatty tissue from the thigh. Dr. Baker will make a series of miniscule incisions in the upper leg area. Once Dr. Baker carefully uses the probe to liquify and remove unwanted fat, there is an almost instantly apparent reduction of fat in the area.

Thermal energy from the RF treatment initiates and expedites the body’s healing process, which will stimulate further collagen production. There are two essential proteins in the dermis; elastin and collagen. While elastin helps our skin stay supple and pliable, collagen is responsible for promoting skin elasticity and firmness. During the procedure, Dr. Baker will use thermal RF technology to induce contraction in the existing collagen fibers of the skin. This results in smoother, noticeably contoured thighs with a trimmed and toned appearance.

Once the excess fat in both thighs has been removed, and skin tightened, you will be free to begin your recovery safely and promptly.

Results and Recovery After Thigh Sculpting

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Dr. Baker celebrates his patients’ success stories. Quantum Thigh sculpting can lead to real visible changes in the contouring of your thighs and a noticeable reduction of problematic fat. As one of many QuantumBody treatments we offer at The Retreat, we can assure you that your treatment will be conducted to the highest of standards. Our patients love our Quantum Thigh option because of how straightforward recovery is and how great they look and feel afterwards. View images of our patients’ transformations yourself and see the amazing results of QuantumBody treatments on our social media.

Complementary Procedures to Thigh Sculpting

The QuantumBody treatment program is a comprehensive system aimed at optimal patient satisfaction. At The Retreat, we want you to have as many different treatments available as possible to help you achieve the body transformation you deserve. There are therefore many complementary procedures that can be successfully combined with Quantum Thigh sculpting, including:

Quantum Arms

For the ultimate two-in-one aesthetic package, why not combine Quantum Thigh sculpting with Quantum Arm sculpting. This complimentary mix will allow you greater confidence with your arms and legs, opening up many fashionable possibilities, including wearing those items of clothing that expose both pairs of limbs with newly restored confidence!

Quantum Abs

Patients who experience difficulty with stubborn stomach fat may consider combining Quantum Thigh sculpting with a revitalizing Quantum Abs procedure. If your efforts to reduce the appearance of bulging in your stomach area have been in vain, a Quantum Thigh and Quantum Abs combination treatment can give you long-lasting aesthetic improvements in the skin tone and contour of your lower torso.

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’re looking to further enhance your natural curves and feel better about your buttocks, a Quantum Thigh sculpting procedure may be further complemented by a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). BBL surgeries have skyrocketed to fame in recent years, thanks to their increased popularity with celebrities, so why not treat yourself and see what the fuss is about?

These are only three of the many treatments we offer at The Retreat. For a complete list of all of the innovative restorative procedures Dr. Baker offers, click here.

Cost of Thigh Sculpting in Dallas

Taking the first steps toward a more self-assured body image can often seem daunting, but in reality, it is an attainable goal for most people. The cost of your Quantum Thigh sculpting procedure will depend heavily on your individual circumstances, and will change depending on the treatment, or combination of treatments you choose. If you are considering body sculpting and want to see real results with real patients, take a look at the difference QuantumBody has made in our patients here.


Are the effects of RF thigh sculpting treatments permanent?

Radiofrequency body sculpting is a technique that can produce long-term results. RF thigh sculpting is a noninvasive, nonsurgical alternative to traditional liposuction, which is also an attractive option for many patients worldwide.

Is RF sculpting better than liposuction?

As the requirements of every patient vary considerably, whether one procedure is better than the other will depend on your individual circumstances. After a personal consultation, your licensed provider will be happy to suggest a treatment option that is a good fit for you.

Is a thigh sculpting procedure cheaper than liposuction? 

Non-invasive fat removal methods such as thigh sculpting can be a more affordable option for patients, as they do not involve a complex surgical procedure. Patients may benefit from combining noninvasive techniques with surgical techniques to achieve their cosmetic surgery goals. Speak to a licensed provider for more details about a combination of procedures that could benefit you.

How do I know if thigh sculpting is the right procedure for me?

Booking a consultation with a licensed surgeon is the best way to find out if thigh sculpting would benefit you. Patients who undergo this type of surgery are usually in good general health, lead an active lifestyle, and exercise regularly.


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