Fat Removal & Skin Tightening Without Surgery in Dallas

QuantumBody is a revolutionary treatment that removes fat and tightens skin with zero cutting and minimal downtime. It was developed by Dr. Baker and was born out of his experience of treating thousands of patients.

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About Quantum Body

QuantumBody is a whole family of minimally invasive body contouring and rejuvenation procedures that leverage the latest fat removal and skin tightening technologies to take your look to the next level. The novel QuantumBody system was developed by Dr. Baker and is available exclusively at The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics in Rockwall, TX, just east of Dallas. 

Don’t settle for less when you can look your best for a fraction of the recovery time compared to complex surgical alternatives. Our QuantumBody procedures lift and tighten loose skin while removing bothersome fat bulges—all without a single incision! Stay informed on The Retreat’s minimally invasive approach by regularly reading our blog

Dr. Baker developed QuantumBody when he realized that there was a gap in the current methods of fat removal that often left patients unsatisfied with their results. He noticed that patients frequently endured extensive downtime and excessive loose skin after undergoing liposuction. That’s because archaic methods of fat removal (that are still in use today) simply lack comprehensive methods to tighten skin. 

Dr. Baker knew that his patients deserved better

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So, he conceived a new system that incorporates a 2-in-1 approach: a minimally invasive, robotically controlled cannula to gently remove fat, guided by advanced computer programming for precision and accuracy. And then to completely shatter existing treatment practices, the system also tightens the skin and connective tissue in the treatment area—all without any incisions or scars! This is the ONLY solution on the market to utilize cutting edge, next generation technology based on peer reviewed studies that show reproducible “time-after-time” results. Nothing can match the safety or efficacy of QuantumBody technology.   

The result is a system that can quickly remove as much as 12 pounds of fat and will have you back to your regular routine as quickly as 24 hours post procedure.[1] In addition to easily removing your fat, you will also experience tighter skin that is equivalent to a traditional surgical procedure, in many cases.

The QuantumBody system is truly revolutionary!

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QuantumBody for Comprehensive Enhancement

Dr. Baker’s practiced skills are optimized by the latest in medical technology. His QuantumBody system is effective in multiple treatment areas. QuantumBody offers comprehensive, minimally invasive treatments to slim, sculpt and tighten all of your “problem areas.”[2] 

Body Sculpting Spa Dallas, Texas

In addition to trimming down your abdominal area, he can rejuvenate your face and give your breasts a perky lift. Arms and thighs may begin to sag with age or after recent fluctuations in weight. 

QuantumBody can help. 

If you’re not ready for the downtime and commitment- and scars!- of  traditional surgery, QuantumBody presents an appealing alternative. Enjoy transformative results with this easy, breezy family of procedures.  

QuantumBody employs the most advanced fat removal techniques with radiofrequency (RF) skin-tightening to leave you looking taut and toned wherever you need it most. 

Check out the QuantumBody system’s wide array of treatments below.  

QuantumBody Treatments:

  • Body Contouring 
  • Thigh Lift
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Breast Lift
  • Arm Lift
  • Abdominal Sculpting
  • Perky Buttocks

Quantum Thighs: Minimally-Invasive Thigh Sculpting Treatments

Nowhere is the need for a better body sculpting solution more apparent than in the thighs. The desire to trim, tone and sculpt athletic legs is a request across ages and genders. 

Only QuantumBody technology can gently remove fat, tighten saggy skin on the inner, outer or the back of the thighs. 

Traditional liposuction and other fat removal methods can actually leave thighs looking worse following treatment. Liposuction does nothing to reduce overstretched skin after the excess bulk has been removed. But, Dr. Baker’s Quantum Thighs procedure, powered by QuantumBody technology, includes both fat removal and skin tightening all in a single session!

Best of all, Quantum Thighs is a minimally invasive treatment. This means you’ll enjoy immediate, fabulous results without any cutting and no downtime. 

The reason for the QuantumBody advantage is simple: traditional liposuction addresses fat and then stops there. Quantum Thighs removes stubborn fat through a hole the size of an earring post![3] Soothing waves of RF energy also tightens the skin in the area. This eliminates the need for more invasive surgical procedures that would leave scars on the leg.

Better Buttocks Await

As an added bonus, fat removal and skin tightening at the thighs will improve the appearance of your backside. The loose and saggy skin left behind by many liposuction procedures can create unflattering folds and rolls that detract from the allure of your derrière. Treating these areas with Quantum Thighs will leave the thighs looking sculpted, creating the appearance of a shapelier behind

Quantum Face: Chin & Neck Tightening


At The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics Center, our approach to the face is unique. Using the revolutionary Quantum system devised by Dr. Baker, we treat the face and neck as one comprehensive region.

There are a lot of plastic surgery and med spa treatments for the chin and jowls out there, but not all of them are created equally. Some people try liposuction while others have been lured in by the CoolSculpting tm craze. Still others are hopeful about injecting fat dissolving chemicals. Unfortunately, a good portion of these people end up feeling disappointed. That’s because the loose skin left behind by these other methods detracts from their results. 

By addressing both fat removal and skin tightening with Quantum Face, we are able to contour, tighten and turn back the clock on facial aging. A chiseled profile is now possible with Quantum Face. 

Saggy necks and jowls are no match for the power of Quantum Face. This explains why the face is one of the most popular areas to treat with QuantumBody technology. A well-cared-for face and neck that has been treated with Quantum Face could potentially put off the need for a traditional neck lift surgery indefinitely.  

Quantum Breast: Breast Lift With No Scars

One of the more novel applications of our QuantumBody system is the Quantum Breast minimally invasive breast lift. This procedure leverages the internal and external application of safe, effective RF energy to contract and tighten connective tissue and skin in the breast, producing a flattering lift as it heals. 


Unlike a surgical breast lift, which can leave obtrusive scars across the breast, Quantum Breast is an incision-free, minimally invasive procedure. Eligible candidates will be pleased by their uplifting results

Another advantage is that Quantum Breast offers downtime measured in hours, as typically the patient can return to their regular routine the day following surgery. A traditional breast lift, on the other hand, often involves several days if not weeks of downtime as the initial incisions heal and the extended recovery process begins. 

Ideal candidates are women who have average size breasts and need 1-3 inches of lift. Our patients prefer not to undergo a procedure that leaves them with scars on their breasts.

Quantum Arms: Tighten & Tone Arms At the Same Time

Quantum Arms is the antidote to stubborn, flabby arms that resist exercise and dieting. People often struggle with fat deposits and loose skin on the back part of the arms. Even athletic people who regularly exercise find it is difficult to burn off fat in that area once it has accumulated. And the only traditional solution for loose skin in the area would involve a scar from your elbow to your armpit. 

Quantum Arms is even able to provide contour and definition in areas of the arms that traditional liposuction is unable to treat.

However, with Quantum Arms, you can achieve toned, tight and jiggle-free arms. Without any invasive surgery and essentially no downtime, Quantum Arms can gently remove your fat and tighten loose skin that other liposuction or fat removal methods can’t touch.  

You will look better in short sleeves and gain confidence in summer clothes that bare those arms!

Quantum Abs

For an abundance of reasons, the abdomen is one of our most popular treatment areas at The Retreat. Some men struggle with a lifelong “belly bulge” that they have never been able to lose. Some women who have had children struggle with loose skin and stubborn fat deposits after their pregnancy. Regardless of the reason, Quantum Abs can offer a solution.


With a combined focus on fat removal and skin tightening, Quantum Abs can leave the body looking sculpted, athletic and jaw-dropping! Simply removing fat often leaves patients unsatisfied because their new athletic contours are blunted by loose skin. Quantum Abs solves this by gently removing fat and tightening the skin. 

Suddenly, people who have always wanted 6 pack abs see abdominal muscle definition. There is never any cutting and you can quickly get back to doing what you love: working out, caring for family, travel—you name it. 

Ideal Candidates

Qualified candidates for the QuantumBody system are seeking an alternative to costly and invasive surgery. They don’t have time for painful downtime and an extended recovery. They don’t want more (or any) scars on their body. If you have been considering plastic surgery but can’t quite commit to the difficult ordeal, alternatives exist!

The QuantumBody family of procedures are minimally invasive. You’ll be astounded by the ravishing results that are possible without a single incision. 

Your Private Consultation & Cost in the Dallas Area

Dr. Baker and his compassionate staff are ready to receive you. The Retreat is an oasis for those seeking real aesthetic enhancement without the hassle of traditional invasive surgery. At your personal consultation, we will assess your candidacy for the QuantumBody family of treatments. After a physical examination and personal interview, we will craft your customized Quantum contouring treatment plan according to your needs and your aesthetic goals. 

Your final cost shall be determined based on which combination of QuantumBody procedures are best for you. Come to your consultation ready to ask questions. We’re ready to hear your story.

Contact us to learn more. Call 469-769-7101 to schedule your private consultation at The Retreat today!  


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