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FaceTite is an advanced minimally invasive surgical solution to treat loose skin around the midface, jowls, and neck. This state-of-the-art device is part of the BodyTite family, utilizing the same renowned radio-frequency technology. Traditionally, facial rejuvenation entailed extensive surgical procedures that involved lists of preparatory measures, long operations, and arduous recoveries –– and the possibility of ugly scars. But with the benefits of FaceTite and its rejuvenating results, patients can finally look younger and feel better with one simple minimally-invasive procedure. Dr. Joshua Baker has his thumb on the pulse of the cosmetic industry and offers his Dallas clientele only the best procedures and the finest results.

To learn more about how FaceTite can help you rejuvenate your facial skin, schedule a personal consultation at our Rockwall offices. If you’d like to reach us directly, please call our front desk at (469) 769-7101

About Facial Aging

Our facial appearance is the most important feature of our overall presentation. Our face displays our emotions, our thoughts, and our age. When we’re younger, our skin is unblemished and contours tightly to our underlying features. Our jawline is well-defined, and our complexion is wrinkle-free. But, as we age, our features begin to droop, our skin begins to sag, and our overall appearance begins to change. Jowls are a common side effect of aging that gradually worsens with time. Most patients in their late 40s and early 50s start to see jowls appear.[1] Older women experience more prominent jowls than men because the fluctuations in their estrogen levels decrease bone density, emphasizing volume loss.[2] Many people turn to moisturizers, lotions, and serums to preserve facial volume and restore their skin’s elasticity. But these products can only offer limited results

The Restorative Effects of Radio-Frequency Energy

The FaceTite device comes with skin-safe technology to regulate temperature, ensuring optimal performance without any thermal damage to the soft tissue. It contains two thin, parallel wands. The lower wand is inserted under the skin while the upper wand rests above the skin. These two pass radiofrequency waves between the diodes on each end, while closely regulating the thermal effect being generated. The highest temperature the lower wand can reach is 185°F, while the top one goes up to 135°F.[3] Heating the dermis in this way causes existing collagen to contract, tightening the skin and triggering a healing cascade of new collagen formation.[4] Patients enjoy a noticeable difference immediately after their procedure, and long-term improvements for sharper, younger contours in the face. 


FaceTite comes with a number of benefits that make it the go-to choice for those wanting a simple procedure followed by extraordinary results. 

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure

Another common facial rejuvenation procedure is the ever-popular facelift. While these procedures do provide remarkable results when performed by a skilled surgeon, they come at the cost of exhausting surgical requirements. These procedures start with a hairline incision that wraps around the ears and stretches down behind the jawline. Surgeons may do their best to hide the incisions, but patients can end up with noticeable scarring. However, FaceTite only requires minimal points of entry for its device to enter under the skin’s surface. Compared to facelifts, FaceTite allows patients to experience a quicker procedure without any scarring.

Quicker Recovery

Because heavy anesthesia isn’t used and the radio-frequency technology doesn’t damage the soft tissue, recovery from FaceTite is simple. You won’t have to worry about missing weeks of work or straying far from your daily routine. We ask patients to take only a few days off from strenuous activities and heavy lifting after treatment. You can expect to be “restaurant ready” in two to three days. 

Outstanding Results

When it comes to offering genuine results, FaceTite is at the forefront of the aesthetics industry. Results from FaceTite can appear almost immediately but will improve gradually as new collagen and elastin replace damaged fibers. As the skin tightens back to its youthful state, you will notice that your skin looks healthier and more vibrant. To maintain these results, we recommend continuing to lead a healthy, active life. Collagen loss is exacerbated by stress, poor nutrition, overexposure to UV rays, and smoking.[5] Avoiding these pitfalls will help you keep the outstanding results achieved by FaceTite. 


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For those interested in seeing how FaceTite can revitalize their appearance, please fill out this convenient online form. Those who can benefit from FaceTite come from all age groups. Older patients choose FaceTite for its restorative effects, and younger patients choose FaceTite for its preventative effects against aging. If you would like to read about previous patients’ experiences at The Retreat, please visit our reviews page!

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time at The Retreat, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. We will inspect your face’s skin laxity and note any drooping features. Most patients come to us with more than one cosmetic concern, so we will determine which of our suite of expert services can address these conditions. Dr. Baker will answer any questions you may have and construct a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. After scheduling a time and date for your procedure, we will give instructions on how to prepare properly. 


Since this is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, preparatory instructions are simple. First, we ask that you discontinue using any blood-thinning medications. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, and Advil. If any prescriptions are acting as blood-thinners, please consult with your doctor before discontinuing. Next, if you smoke, we ask that you avoid smoking a couple of days before and after your procedure. Nicotine interferes with the body’s ability to heal correctly. Thirdly, we ask that you come into our offices with a clean face. And lastly you must schedule a ride home


We first numb the target areas and make sure you are relaxed and comfortable in a private treatment room. The FaceTite probe enters through a minuscule hole in the skin. Dr. Baker will smoothly run this device along the face’s contours, targeting the subcutaneous tissue with thermal energy. Don’t worry about feeling any pain or discomfort. The device regulates itself at a safe temperature range. After he completes the procedure, You will be free to go home and focus on rest and recovery. 


After your FaceTite procedure, we recommend sleeping on your back for the next couple of days and avoiding any strenuous activities. You will notice results almost immediately and these will continue to improve as time goes on. At your follow-up appointment, we will note where you are in the recovery process and what next steps, if any, are necessary. 

Other Non-Surgical Procedures

facetite Dallas

Loose skin doesn’t just happen on the face. Other areas of the body are susceptible. Many patients find that after a weight loss journey their excess skin is shrouding their hard-earned muscles. As there are no exercises for tightening skin, patients typically feel lost and discouraged in their fitness endeavors. Like FaceTite, BodyTite tightens the skin around the body and creates better-defined contours. From loose skin around the arms, abdomen, chest, legs, and butt, BodyTite has helped hundreds of patients have remarkably tighter skin without having to go under the knife. If you are interested in seeing how BodyTite can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please schedule a consultation today!

How Much Does FaceTite Cost in Dallas?

Every patient’s needs are different. So, every patient’s procedure requires different necessities. We will discuss and determine the cost of your care during your initial visit. Be on the lookout for specials as these sometimes include FaceTite and other skin-tightening procedures. If you have any questions about pricing or financing, please don’t hesitate to call our front desk at (469) 769-7101.


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