Comfortable Medical Spa & Cosmetic Treatments

MedSpa Dallas Texas

The MedSpa at The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics provides men and women with non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are either non-invasive or minimally invasive. Dr. Baker uses a holistic approach to aesthetics, and he knows that not all signs of aging or other concerns require surgery. In many cases, men and women undergo plastic surgery when they could have achieved similar results without surgery.

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MedSpa Treatment Recovery

Most of our medical spa treatments require little to no downtime. If you do have downtime, it is less intensive than traditional invasive plastic surgery.


The results of your MedSpa treatments may last for 6 months and many last even longer when properly maintained. Some treatments only need to be repeated every one to two years.

Your Private MedSpa, Right Outside of Dallas

Located in Rockwall, The Retreat MedSpa offers you the unique ability to get away from city life in search of pure self-rejuvenation without sacrificing quality of service. Enjoy one-on-one attention and an expansive catalog of cosmetic treatments in a comfortable environment, away from the craziness of everyday life with The Retreat.

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