Quantum Breast

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Quantum Breast Lift is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens skin and lifts and reshapes the breast tissue. The procedure offers a minimally invasive alternative to a traditional breast lift. Quantum Breast Lift is perfect for patients who wish to see the results of a traditional breast lift without the rigor and necessary downtime that going “under the knife” brings. Because this revolutionary procedure harnesses the power of radiofrequency technology, our patients are able to return to their daily lives 24 hours after the operation![1] Captained by the creator of QuantumBody, Dr. Joshua Baker, our expert team at The Retreat is eager to share the life-changing benefits that come with The QuantumBody approach. If you would like to learn more about how this procedure can do what seems impossible – tighten skin and shed fat simultaneously – then please feel free to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Baker or give us a call at (469) 769-7101.

About Minimally Invasive Breast Lift

breast lift dallas

As we age, through oscillations in weight, the breasts can enlarge and stretch out the supporting ligaments and ducts; then when the weight is lost the tissue may not retract back to its original state.[2] Sagging breasts can be categorized into 3 different stages of ptosis. 

  • Mild Ptosis: this is when the breast tissue has fallen just below the crease line.
  • Moderate Ptosis: this occurs when the nipple has fallen just below the crease line.
  • Advanced Ptosis: this is when the nipple droops so far under the crease line the nipple points directly to the floor.

For many women, they may find that after having children, losing weight, or just getting older their breasts don’t look like they once did. They don’t quite have that same vitality they had in their younger days. However, with Dr. Baker’s Quantum Breast procedure, you can see a remedy to your ptosis. By using state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology and a robot-controlled cannula, Dr. Baker can give your breasts a lift as well as your spirits.


By harnessing the power of radiofrequency, Quantum Breast is able to rid the body of small amounts of unwanted fat as well as firm up the breast tissue by using thermal energy to trigger an influx of newly produced collagen. When compared to a traditional breast lift, a Quantum Breast procedure possesses many rewarding factors that make it the right choice for you!

A Natural Lift

Once inserted, the QuantumBody technology regulates the internal temperature of the cannula to ensure the best results are achieved while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. The thermal energy radiates deep into the skin and tightens the breast tissue while the cannula liquefies the areas’ unwanted fat. Then, as the robotic cannula picks up the liquified fat, the tissue tightens from the sudden influx of restored collagen – returning the breast naturally to an elevated, younger orientation. In the end, the symptoms of ptosis are alleviated and the nipple raises above the breasts’ crease line. 

Less Invasive 

In a traditional breast lift, called a mastopexy, a number of different incisions are made to remove unwanted tissue from the breast. These incisions range from a key shape to an anchor shape; the amount of scarring ranges with the size of the incisions too, from just around the nipple to down the entire underside of the breast. However, with Quantum Breast, you can expect only a couple of small incisions – one typically at the border of the areola and on on the underside of the breast. This is where the QuantumBody cannula will be inserted. After the procedure, the incisions will be easy to hide and will fade over time. In fact, it’s the reason this technique has been deemed the “no scarring breast lift.” 

Less Downtime

Once inserted, the QuantumBody technology regulates the internal temperature of the cannula to ensure the best results are achieved while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. Because no major incision is made, no general anesthesia is used. This significantly speeds up recovery and reduces downtime when compared to traditional breast lift procedures. Where recovery used to be talked about in weeks, with Dr. Baker’s Quantum Breast, we can talk about recovery in terms of hours. 


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While most women who come to us qualify for Quantum Breast, it is important to understand what is required to meet those qualifications. First, we recommend that you are finished having children. This is because the breast tissue expands and recedes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. That change in volume will diminish the results garnered by Quantum Breast. Next, we ask that all patients be at or around a healthy stable weight. This is because if more weight is lost or gained after your Quantum Breast procedure this too can alter the results.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes a qualified candidate be sure to read Dr. Baker’s blog post or come visit us at your own personal consultation with Dr. Baker. 

Personal Consultation

As a native Texan himself, Dr. Baker is beyond proud to have opened his practice so close to where he grew up in Rockwall County. Here at The Retreat, we are proud to serve the Dallas locale and beyond with new, incredibly transformative body contouring procedures. 

During your personal consultation at The Retreat, we will first go over your medical, surgical, and prescription history. Next, we will ask if you’ve undergone any cosmetic procedures in the past and ask you to rate your level of happiness with their results. Then, we will examine the degree of ptosis currently in your breast tissue. All of this will help give us a proper sense of who you are as an individual and your personal journey to achieve your aesthetic goals. Then, Dr. Baker will answer any questions you may have about the Quantum Breast procedure or any of his other procedures including his full-scale QuantumBody approach. Finally, if Quantum Breast is elected, we will schedule a time and date for your procedure. We will give you a list of preparatory steps that may include tailored steps individualized to your specific needs. 


To prepare for your Quantum Body treatment it is important to:

  • Stop all tanning (booths and lotions) 2 weeks prior 
  • Stop smoking as smoking is known to thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding during the procedure
  • Drink plenty of water before the procedure to keep the skin healthy and hydrated
  • Don’t take any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen as these cause excessive bleeding during the procedure


To begin your Quantum Breast procedure, we will administer local anesthesia and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. After the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Baker will make a couple of small incisions around the areola. He will then insert the robotic-controlled cannula into these incisions one at a time. The radiofrequency technology will disperse and regulate the thermal temperature of the cannula. As the probe is fanned around the breast tissue, the liquified fat will be drawn up in the cannula’s tip. The thermal energy will tighten the tissue resulting in an almost immediate lift in the breast from the newly produced collagen. Once each breast has been addressed equally, the small incisions will be sutured and you will be free to go about your day. 


Immediately after your procedure, you may notice the area is slightly swollen and bruised. This is completely normal and should subside within the day. You might also notice a tingling sensation and temporary redness around your breasts. The beauty of Quantum Breast is the relative quickness with which you can get back to your daily routine! Most if not all of our patients return to work after 1-2 days. However, if your job includes strenuous activities we advise you to wait a week. 


Some of the results of your Quantum Breast procedure will be noticed almost immediately and your outcomes will improve over time. The breast tissue will feel firmer and less lax; you will start to notice that your breasts rest higher on her chest than they did before and the degree of ptosis has been almost entirely assuaged. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

As a limb of the entire QuantumBody system, there are many more procedures that can give you incredible results just like Quantum Breast. While also using radiofrequency technology, Quantum Face is the modern approach to a facelift. This means less downtime, fewer incisions, and the same results. If you are worried about your drooping, loose skin under your eyes, above your brow, or around your chin then please feel free to schedule a consultation with us to see how a Quantum Face procedure can significantly improve your countenance. 

Cost in Dallas

The cost of your Quantum Breast procedure will vary depending on a couple of key factors. First, we will need to add in any other services used during your procedure. Then, we need to add in the size of the treated area. If you’re wondering what the cost of your Quantum Breast procedure looks like please feel free to give us a call at (469) 769-7101 today!


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