Dermaplaning Dallas TX

Our dermaplaning facial is a type of medical-grade exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin, oils, and dirt from the outer layer of skin. Exfoliating at home is a good idea, but you may not be able to get deep enough into the outer skin. This can leave behind skin, oils, and dirt that build up in the pores. Professional dermaplaning is an excellent complement to your home skin care routine.


A dermaplane facial is performed by gently pulling a surgical scalpel across your skin at a 45° angle. The angle is ideal for removing superficial debris, as well as the soft vellus hair on the skin. Vellus hair is not critical to skin health, so it can be safely removed to produce a bright, clear complexion. The vellus hair does not regrow thicker or darker.


A dermaplaning facial is safe for most patients, including women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.


No recovery or downtime is needed after your dermaplane facial. Your skin may look slightly pink for the first 12 to 24 hours. Dr. Baker recommends that you avoid sunlight and use a high-quality sunscreen if you are outdoors.

How Often Should I Have a Dermaplaning Facial?

Dr. Baker recommends dermaplaning facials for skin maintenance every three to four weeks. This helps your skin products penetrate better and provide more benefits to your skin. Women will notice that makeup goes on more evenly and produces more natural results. Monthly dermaplaning may also reduce the frequency of breakouts and blemishes.