Body Fat Grafting

body fat grafting dallas tx

Body fat grafting is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses fat from one area of your body to enhance a second area. The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics employs our unique QuantumBody contouring system. QuantumBody is a proprietary process developed by Dr. Joshua Baker and is available exclusively at The Retreat. Fat grafting is performed in conjunction with body contouring. The fat transfer process is safe, efficient, and extremely versatile in augmenting a variety of areas.

QuantumBody is Advanced Body Contouring 

Do you want to eliminate problematic bulges that don’t respond to your efforts? Maybe you wish you could transfer some bulk from one region of your body to the other. With body fat grafting you can do both! Fat transfer maximizes your body contouring benefits by taking fat deposits from an area you don’t want (such as love handles) and transposes it to an area you want to amplify (such as the breast or buttocks). 

Dr. Joshua Baker is founder of The Retreat: Restorative & Aesthetics.

He developed the QuantumBody contouring system that employs the most advanced fat removal techniques with radiofrequency (RF) skin-tightening to leave you looking taut and toned wherever you need it most. Trained at the University of Texas Health Science Center located in the prestigious Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world, Dr. Baker honed his surgical skills under some of the best surgeons in the world. He firmly believes that all patients deserve to look as good as they feel. He specializes in advanced minimally invasive  body sculpting procedures that augment his patient’s natural beauty. Body fat grafting is a favorite technique as it offers multiple benefits and produces profound results.

To discover which body contouring procedure is right for you, contact The Retreat: Restorative & Aesthetics at 469-769-7101. You can also book a consultation at our Rockwall office online.

What Is Body Fat Grafting?

To learn more about the advantages of QuantumBody over power-assisted liposuction visit our blog.

The procedure extracts adipose (fat) deposits from an undesirable location and transplants it to a location you want to enhance. The process begins with Quantum fat removal to gently remove fat. This involves removing the fat with an exclusive robotic liposuction system through a hole the size of a pencil lead.  This provides the first stage of benefits. The harvested fat is purified and prepared for transplantation into the desired area. The procedure is ideal for men and women who want some additional definition in a specific part of the body, such as the abdomen, breasts, or buttocks. QuantumBody offers superior results when compared to power-assisted liposuction, helping to precisely sculpt the treatment area. The procedure effectively treats two separate conditions during a single safe and easy treatment session.

Synergistic Benefits

  • Gently reshapes the body according to patient wishes
  • Addresses a problem area that resists diet and exercise
  • Provides dual recontouring and long-lasting fat reduction
  • Creates natural-looking results that enhance a patient’s inherent features
  • Flexibility to treat many different aesthetic goals 
  • Relatively little discomfort
  • Minimal downtime
  • Very safe procedure

Fat transfer improves a wide range of body contouring issues. Some of the applications for the fat after liposuction include:

  • Buttocks enhancement and reshaping (Brazilian butt lift) 
  • Platelet breast augmentation
  • Rejuvenation of the face, particularly in the cheeks
  • Reshape the curves of the body
  • Smooth out depressions 
  • Resolve irregularities 
  • Scar treatment 
  • Chronic migraines[1]
  • Plantar foot pad atrophy
  • Rejuvenation of the hands 

Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates are in good health with a commitment to maintaining their results. Body fat grafting can accomplish aesthetic results beyond what can be achieved through hard work alone. However, it’s not a magic wand that allows patients to forgo a healthy diet and exercise. To maintain optimal results, it’s important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Candidates are non-smokers. Smoking carries many health risks that can interfere with your aesthetic goals. Please discuss any medications you might be taking during your consultation.

The two general considerations for body fat sculpting are:

  1. Adequate fat in a donor area
  2. A minimum amount of volume needed in the treatment area 

Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Baker

Body Fat Grafting Rockwall, TX

Great results begin with a great personal conversation. To help you achieve all your aesthetic aspirations, Dr. Baker wants to hear all your goals, expectations, and answer all of your questions. By understanding your motivations and what you want to achieve, Dr. Baker can devise the best aesthetic strategy that accomplishes what you want. 

Dr. Baker maintains a commitment to staying at the forefront of aesthetic surgery.

An early technology adopter, he offers his patients only the safest and most innovative procedures to produce profound transformations. He is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Society of Liposuction Surgery. 

How to Prepare for Body Fat Grafting

  1. Make sure to follow all the personalized instructions provided to you.
  2. Stop smoking for at least six weeks before your scheduled procedure. This ensures your body has time to improve your circulation. 
  3. Refrain from taking blood-thinning medication or herbal supplements. These include ginseng, fish oil, and ginkgo biloba as well as aspirin and ibuprofen. 
  4. Hydrate thoroughly in the days leading up to your procedure.
  5. Arrange a caregiver to drive you to and from the procedure and stay with you for at least 24 hours afterward.
  6. Fill your prescriptions before your procedure.
  7. If you have any doubts, make sure to voice them during your consultation.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The fat transfer procedure takes place in three general stages no matter what areas are treated.

  1. Dr. Baker harvests fat via exclusive QuantumBody technology. We prepare the treatment area and when ready, the doctor gently harvests the fat cells.
  2. The fat is purified with a process that makes it suitable for reinsertion. The fat remains in a completely closed loop system and is never exposed to the outside environment. Proprietary QuantumBody instruments are used to reinject the fat in the desired treatment area. 
  3. Dr. Baker makes small injections in the treatment area. The placement of injections in strategic locations allows him to sculpt and contour your physique to fulfill your desires.

Safe Recovery and Aftercare

Body Fat Grafting Dallas, TX

Downtime varies depending on the locations you treat, but usually, patients take between one and two weeks off work. You may need to avoid placing pressure on the area where the fat was harvested and the area where Dr. Baker administered the injections. Some swelling and bruising can be expected in the first week after your session. The bruising should heal in the first week, but swelling might last a few weeks. The area will feel tender and tight while you recover. Usually, in the third week, you’ll begin to feel like yourself again.

The results start to appear after a few weeks but will take up to 6 months before your final results are visible.


During your consultation, the doctor will inform you what to expect during your initial consultation. Fat harvested from your own body is ideal for additive body contouring due to being biocompatible, versatile, and easy to harvest.[2] It offers great utility in helping patients achieve their vision of how they want to look. Studies into patient outcomes found that fat transfer is a safe procedure that improves patient satisfaction with their appearance and boosts psychological well-being.[3][4] Roughly 75% of fat cells survive the transfer process, but your final results will appear 5-6 months after the initial procedure. During your consultation, we can determine how many sessions might be needed to accomplish the results you seek.

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost in Dallas/Ft. Worth?

The cost of a fat transfer procedure depends on the specifics of each individual case. After a consultation with Dr. Baker, we can provide you with clear and transparent pricing for the procedure.

There are no hidden costs at The Retreat Aesthetics; everything will be explained to you during your consultation.


How long do fat grafting results last?

Results are long-lasting. Due to the biocompatible nature of using your own harvested fat, the results will be permanent. Results will last the longest when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

On what areas of the body can fat grafting be used?

Most of the body and face are compatible with fat grafting. It’s especially popular on the buttocks, breasts, and cheeks but can be used to fill in depressions all over the body.

How many sessions are needed to achieve the desired results?

The number of sessions depends on what areas you are treating and what your desired outcome is. Most locations only require one session but some in cases, a patient might need a secondary session after the results have settled. 

Should I lose weight before fat transfer?

Fat transfer isn’t a weight loss procedure. They are body contouring procedures intended to hone your body into your desired physique. If you have a significant amount of weight you want to lose, you should accomplish that before scheduling a fat transfer.


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