IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy Dallas, TX

IV and injectable vitamin therapy is a procedure that delivers key nutrients directly into your bloodstream. We all know the importance of a regular vitamin regimen, even if we don’t always remember to take our vitamins. However, IV vitamin therapy benefits outweigh those of oral supplements. With a nourishing IV drip of medically calibrated vitamins, your body receives the exact amount of nutrients that is required, whereas oral supplements are filtered through the liver and kidneys. The presence of vitamins in the body affects every aspect of your health, and IV vitamin therapy can reduce the symptoms of many common ailments, improve skin, boost energy, and provide many other benefits.

The Retreat Restorative and Aesthetics offers its patients a full range of customized IV and injectable services that are designed to target specific symptoms and contribute to overall wellness. 

It’s health from the inside out. Call 469-769-7101 to learn more about what our IV and injectable services can do for you. Our beautiful offices are conveniently located to serve Rockwall, Heath, Dallas, Plano, and the nearby areas of Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Joshua Baker.

About IV and Injectable Treatments in Texas

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Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients, essential elements required by humans and other organisms for the physiological functions that maintain health. (1) These micronutrients and antioxidants restore and promote the body’s well-being at the cellular level. But we don’t produce them naturally – it’s up to us to get them in our bodies! It’s not always easy to eat right, and it can be even “harder to swallow” expensive and tasteless juice regimens, large pills, and chalky smoothies. Plus, these supplements can take weeks of consistent use to take effect. IV and injections produce immediate effects and are the most efficient delivery system. 

The human body is a complex chemical system. Dr. Joshua Baker, the acclaimed Texan wunderkind, has taken the guesswork out of maintaining your supplemental health by formulating specialized IVs and injections that address many of the deficiencies that modern life inflicts on our bodies. To learn more about how you can improve your health and aesthetics, read his blog.

Available IV Treatments

  • Oasis: Optimal rehydration for joint and cardiovascular health, clear skin, and a clearer mind. 
  • Shield: Boost your immune system and improve the symptoms and recovery time of your illness. This IV contains powerful anti-inflammatories, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Zinc. 
  • Food Poisoning: Anti-nausea and vomiting and anti-heartburn medicine keep your stomach in check while essential vitamins help you recover.
  • Expecting: If you’re pregnant, expect to feel better! This IV combines a mom-to-be safe B vitamin complex with prenatal vitamins like folic acid, calcium, and iron. Anti-nausea medication helps with morning sickness.
  • Party Animal: Restore vitamins that alcohol flushes out of the body, and assist your detox with glutathione. This IV also addresses nausea, heartburn, and headaches. A hangover must.
  • Fit and Trim: This IV boosts energy, fat-burning, endurance, and muscle recovery.  
  • Jet Setter: Combat the effects of air travel and time zones with hydration, vitamins, anti-nausea medication, and an anti-inflammatory.
  • Fuel: Vitamin B12, a B vitamin complex, Vitamin C, and Taurine will keep you at the top of your game.
  • Restore/Recover: Designed for athletes, this IV boosts energy and metabolism and has vitamins and nutrients to maximize your potential. 
  • Migraine: Pain and nausea relief with vitamins, antioxidants, and magnesium will help you get back on your feet during a migraine.
  • Glow Up: Detox and get firmer radiant skin with beauty-crucial vitamins and zinc.
  • Myers Cocktail: this formulation is regarded as the gold standard for overall wellness. This combination of vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals is a popular antidote for everything from hangover relief to exhaustion.
  • Stomach Relief: Restore lost vitamins and settle your stomach with anti-nausea and vomiting medication.
  • Girl Power: Fight back against PMS and brutal periods with B Vitamins, Magnesium, and a cramp-killing anti-inflammatory.

Key Ingredients

It’s in the bag! 

The base of all of our IV treatments is saline solution. It’s commonly used in medical settings to stabilize and hydrate patients, but it’s far from basic! This sterile solution is a powerful blend of sodium chloride (salt), water, and electrolytes that provides the perfect vehicle for other essential vitamins and minerals. Electrolytes are minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium that actually conduct electricity when mixed with water. They regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rebuild damaged tissue.

The Retreat offers IV treatments that are specially formulated and include the following key players in health and wellbeing:

  • Vitamin C
  • B Vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Taurine
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D


A simple and fast injection is an excellent way to improve your health. 

Our injectable treatments include:

  • Glutathione: a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from toxins. (2)
  • B12: this wonder vitamin accelerates fat burning, improves mood, and boosts energy.

Retreat Restorative and Aesthetics understands the potential that IV and injectable therapies have, and how they can enhance the other services that we offer. We’re currently offering complimentary rounds of injections that patients may choose to purchase, should they decide to continue to enjoy these effective injections.

  • Our surgery patients will receive 4 rounds (1 per week) of fat-burning booster injections.
  • Patients that receive the Big Bang Shot or Supernova Shot will receive 2 rounds (1 per week) of an amino complex that improves blood flow and oxygenation.

House Calls

Not feeling up to leaving home? The Retreat can come to you. We’re happy to offer house call service in the Rockwall area for a $250 fee. This is a great option for those hosting gatherings (or recovering from gatherings). Just select your treatment, and a trained RN will come to you. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of restorative IV therapy from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office. Contact The Retreat to schedule a house call today!


IV vitamin therapy benefits everyone. Dr. Baker will evaluate your health and may run blood work to determine what vitamins are lacking. If you have certain medical conditions or are pregnant, Dr. Baker will adjust the levels of vitamins in your IV fluid to best meet the needs of your body. If you have a specific health condition that you are treating, he can also blend medication into your IV treatment for maximum absorption and results. Examples of these additions include anti-nausea medication, anti-inflammatories, heartburn medication, and certain steroids.

IV treatments can be used to treat: 

  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration 
  • Nausea
  • Hangovers
  • Stress
  • Compromised immune systems
  • PMS
  • Jet lag

Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation at our beautiful offices in Rockwall, you’ll have the chance to explain your lifestyle and needs. Dr. Baker may choose to run a few tests to see where your levels, and will review your medical history and what medications you may be taking. Once you agree on an injectable or IV therapy that will benefit you, you’ll be ready to begin enjoying better health.


Your IV treatment of choice travels from its bag through tubing into an attached needle. A trained professional inserts this needle into one of your veins (usually in your arm). The bag is hung above you, and gravity does the rest. As the solution enters your circulatory system, your body will be able to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals immediately. Many patients notice an immediate and subtle improvement in how they feel emotionally and physically during the treatment. Most IV treatments take about 45 minutes. When you’re done, the attending medical professional will remove the needle, bandage you up, and you’ll be on your way.


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No recovery is needed after an IV vitamin therapy treatment- that’s what they’re for! As your body adjusts to the higher level of nutrients, you may feel a relaxed sensation, or you may notice a slight increase in your energy level. These treatments can also have a wonderful effect on your mood.


Results are immediate with intravenous therapy. Nutritious and restorative infusions make patients feel energized and restored, and all they have to do is sit back and relax. Besides maintaining a consistent level of health, avoiding deficiencies of certain vitamins and antioxidants lessens your chances of developing devastating diseases. (2) Dr. Baker will determine the best treatment schedule for your needs and recommend how often you should have IV vitamin therapy. Some patients choose to have regular treatments monthly, while others schedule occasional “pick me up” sessions to get them back on their game.


There’s no greater investment than your health.

The price of your IV and injectable services will depend on the treatment that you choose, and whether you visit our offices, or request a house call. Depending on how often you opt for injectable or IV treatments, there may be a plan that can offer significant savings

The Retreat is now offering a monthly subscription that includes 1 IV treatment and weekly fat burner injections for only $225.


How does IV vitamin therapy work?

A special formulation of vitamins and minerals is delivered intravenously for fast absorption by the body. Certain treatments can also be injected for health benefits.

Can I customize my IV therapy?

Yes! In fact, it’s encouraged. Once you have an idea of what symptoms you’d like to treat, or what deficiencies you may have, we can create a bag of treatment fluid that is tailored to you.


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