Interested in a better option for stubborn fat than traditional liposuction? Want a more effective solution for loose skin than Bodytite? Check out QuantumBody!

Liposuction Dallas TX

Our powerful state of the art radiofrequency- power assisted liposuction (RFAL) removes areas of unwanted fat while tightening skin up to five times greater than fat removal alone to dramatically define and contour all areas of the body. Dr. Baker has performed over 3500 liposuction procedures and is the top rated surgeon for body contouring in the area.

*Results May Vary

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RFAL v. Other Procedures

Other fat removal often relies on a large hollow tube to scrape the fat out of the body. At The Retreat we are able to gently remove your fat through a hole no larger than a strand of spaghetti due to the advanced technology we exclusively employ. This leads to less discomfort and less downtime because of our precisely targeted fat removal process. Because the surgeon does not have to aggressively remove fat like in traditional techniques, this is also a safer process because of the level of control the surgeon has during the procedure.

Unlike other practices that either remove fat or tighten skin, our exclusive next generation technology allows us to do both simultaneously. 

The patented technology used for your procedure allows us to safely tighten your skin while monitoring your skin health in real time giving you an effective alternative to traditional plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks or thigh lifts.  Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown skin tightening up to 5 times greater than any other fat removal process.  This not only reduces your downtime, but also allows for more precise contouring of the area. Dr. Baker discusses suitability and applicability to your unique case at your consultation. A highly successful algorithm is used to determine what fat should be removed, providing additional peace of mind throughout the process.

*Results May Vary


This is an ideal procedure for men and women of all body types who have areas of stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise and are looking for almost immediate results with minimal downtime and best in class contouring. Because of our powerful ability to tighten skin without cutting or downtime, even higher BMI patients can benefit from our procedures. Post-pregnancy, Dr. Baker suggests giving your body 6 months after delivery to recover, but you are able to have a procedure within 3 months of delivery, with some limitations. Dr. Baker may also recommend that you wait until after you are done having children before having a procedure.

*Results May Vary


liposuction dallas tx

Care after surgery is minimal and requires significantly less downtime and recovery than invasive surgical procedures. Expect to have mild swelling, tenderness, and bruising, but minimal interruption to your normal activities. The majority of patients return to work within 2 days of their procedure. Depending on the size of the area, healing can take several weeks or longer. All patients receive a compression post surgery garment as part of their care package Dr. Baker explains your post op care during the consultation, as well as prior to your returning home after the treatment.

*Results May Vary


The results that you see in before and after pics show the outcomes of fat removal. The procedure removes fat that you have now and your lifestyle, aging process, and genetics are the contributing factors that determine how long the results will last. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is the best way to maintain the results seen in before and after thighs, abdomen, arms, and other pictures. 

*Results May Vary


The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics offers free consultations with Dr. Joshua Baker, so you can find out if RFAL is your best option as well as other details, such as the cost of treatment. We also explain our financing options through CareCredit®, LendingUSA® and GreenSky®. The average cost of our radiofrequency-power assisted liposuction is $7,000 depending on areas treated with an average range of $5500 – $15,000.