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Tone is a safe yet effective muscle-building device that uses electric muscle stimulation energy pulses to stimulate muscle fibers. This treatment can reverse muscle atrophy and reinvigorate tone and density. As we age, our muscles lose their strength and definition, even if we’re regulars at our local gym. Muscle loss is a common symptom of aging, so even with an improved diet and fitness regimen, we still might not see our desired physique. Younger patients looking to get an extra edge on their physique can also feel frustrated when they just aren’t seeing the results they desire. However, Tone can help patients see their muscles grow stronger and more toned. With its simple, non-invasive application, Tone can treat a wide range of muscle groups to keep your physique consistently fit. Because Tone is a simple procedure that yields such transformative results, Dr. Joshua Baker is proud to offer it to his clientele in the Dallas Metroplex. It is the perfect addition to his suite of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services. To learn more about how Tone can help you achieve your desired physique, please schedule a personal consultation at our Rockwall offices. To reach The Retreat directly, call us at (469) 769-7101.

About Muscle Atrophy

As we age, we experience a condition called sarcopenia: the gradual age-related loss of skeletal muscle. In our youth, our muscles are better able to handle the physical strains and stresses of everyday life. They grow stronger and more defined when we feed them healthy foods and commit to routine exercise. But, even with diet and exercise, our muscles can’t sustain this rigor for long. When we reach middle age, our body will start to lose at least 1% of our muscle mass annually.[1] Many factors contribute to this loss of muscle mass. One reason is inactivity. As we age, it can be harder to keep the same intensity and regularity to our workouts, as family and work obligations become more demanding. Hormonal changes cause fat to accumulate differently. These fat cells also play a role in sarcopenia. Increased fat storage stifles our body’s ability to replenish aging muscle fibers, causing the existing muscles to atrophy even further.[2] 

How Tone Works

BodyTone uses gentle electric pulses to stimulate muscle fibers way beyond the point of fatigue. For almost 30 years, electric muscle stimulation was an adjunct to the effects of exercise and reserved for physical therapy patients and competitive athletes.[3] Today, Tone has made the benefits of EMS more accessible than ever before. 

Tone contracts the muscles 20,000 times in the span of one 30 minute session. To put this into perspective, typically one repetition during a workout equals one muscle contraction. 20,000 repetitions in 30 minutes are out of reach even for Olympic athletes. As the muscles repeatedly contract, the body sends restorative properties to regenerate the strained fiber, ensuring they’ll be stronger for the next time they encounter a workload of this magnitude. The restorative properties build thicker muscle fibers, making the muscle stronger and better defined. 


bodytone dallas

Much of the cosmetic industry is focused on fat removal, but having well-toned musculature is also an important part of looking and feeling your very best. At The Retreat, we are proud to offer a device that does both without any downtime. 

No Recovery Time

The Tone device is a simple non-invasive applicator that is placed onto the skin above the target muscles. Unlike other body contouring procedures, Tone requires no recovery time. With Tone, you are free to jump back into your daily routine right after leaving our care. This is the perfect procedure for people who have little time in their schedule to consistently work out and no time whatsoever for extended recovery.

Quick, Easy Sessions

For your Tone procedure, you will be able to come into our office, lay down, and relax as the applicator gently contracts your muscles. Tone sessions last 30-45 minutes and are scheduled a couple of weeks apart, giving the muscles adequate time to heal. It is perfect for those looking for a quick, “lunch-time” solution for under-defined muscles.

Build Muscle and Lose Fat

When the muscle fibers contract, the body sends restorative properties to repair and heal them. One of these properties is adipose tissue (fat). For many people, fatty tissue encases the muscles in differing degrees of thickness. When the muscles contract 20,000 times, the body burns the surrounding fatty tissue to energize the muscles. Because of this, Tone can build muscle and burn fat simultaneously – a feat unmatched by other body contouring procedures!


For those interested in adding Tone to their fitness regimen, please fill out this online form to claim a spot on our schedule. Since Tone is a non-surgical procedure, it can treat a wider variety of patients. Typically, patients who aren’t qualified for Tone fit these criteria:

  • Have a pacemaker or other electronic medical device
  • Have a BMI over 30. Tone is only FDA-approved for patients with a healthy, stable BMI.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Have unrealistic expectations as to what type of results Tone can offer.

The Retreat’s Dr. Baker

As a cosmetic surgeon born and raised in Texas, Dr. Joshua Baker is in touch with the wants and needs of the patients in his community. With his collection of restorative aesthetic procedures, Dr. Baker is an expert in surgical and non-surgical solutions to a wide range of cosmetic concerns. For those who have yet to experience the high-quality care he and his staff are committed to, please check out our reviews page where previous clients open up about their time with us. 

Your Consultation

If it is your first time, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. This will allow us to learn about your desired physical goals and where you are in your fitness journey. Also, this will help us learn about what procedures are right for you based on your desires and schedule. Dr. Baker will explain how the procedure works and answer any questions you may have. If Tone is right for you, we will schedule a time and date for your first session. 


Unlike surgical procedures, there’s no special prep for Tone! It’s non-invasive and no anesthesia is used, so you will be able to drive yourself home from our offices and get back to your day. We do recommend arriving at The Retreat with an empty stomach if you are getting your abdomen treated. The muscle contractions can cause discomfort if you’ve just eaten. 


When you come in for a Tone session, we will have you lie down comfortably. Next, we will take the Tone applicator and attach it to your target area. Once it’s turned on, you will be able to regulate how intense and frequent the contractions are. Patients typically report that the BodyTone feeling mirrors that of the “burn” you feel when working out. After 30 minutes and 20,000 contractions, you will have that familiar post-workout feeling. 


BodyTone Dallas

After your Tone session, your treated muscles may feel sore. After a couple of weeks, you will start to notice that the treated muscles look more defined and contoured. We space Tone sessions a week apart to ensure the muscles have properly healed. To see the best results, continue leading a healthy, active life as this will promote the best results possible.

Surgical Solution for Fat

For those interested more in fat loss than muscle building, Dr. Baker offers QuantumBody. QuantumBody is a simple minimally invasive surgical solution to physically remove fat and tighten skin. This combination body contouring procedure can be performed on some of the most common trouble areas of the body. Downtime is measured in hours vs the weeks required by typical, more invasive procedures. QuantumBody is ideal for patients who have tried DIY fat loss solutions to find only limited success.

How Much Does BodyTone Cost in Dallas?

To treat patients effectively, Dr. Baker will recommend a series of Tone sessions to achieve your desired results. However, the number of sessions will differ from patient to patient. So, the exact price of your procedures will vary. If you would like to learn about our monthly specials, check out our specials page. For those interested in staying up to date on the cosmetic industry, be sure to visit our blog page. And for those with any questions, don’t hesitate whatsoever to call us at (469) 769-7101.


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