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Votiva FormaV is a non-surgical procedure that introduces restorative radiofrequency energy to tighten vaginal tissue for complete rejuvenation. Whether from age-related changes or childbirth, a woman can experience changes in her vulva and vagina that may interfere with her day-to-day life and sexual well-being. To correct these concerns, Dr. Joshua Baker offers his North Texas clientele a simple procedure that provides remarkably transformative results. With the safe and effective FormaV technology, women can restore their intimate areas and enjoy countless benefits. To see how FormaV can restore your physical health and sexual well-being, schedule a personal consultation at our Rockwall offices. For those wishing to speak with our Retreat staff directly, please call (469) 769-7101.

Intimate Concerns

Genetics, childbirth, and changes with age can keep our bodies from moving and feeling the way we desire. However, with the latest advancements in radiofrequency technology, non-surgical treatments like FormaV are helping millions of women worldwide reclaim the joys of womanhood, addressing three distinct intimate concerns. 

Vaginal Laxity

Around a quarter of all women experience vaginal laxity at different stages of their life.[1] Though it is thought to be a condition only found in menopausal women, many young women between the ages of 20 and 39 experience loss in vaginal tightness. Whether caused by vaginal births or age-related collagen loss, vaginal laxity is just one of the many unpleasant symptoms of pelvic floor disorders. With weak pelvic floors, the vaginal muscles lose strength, resulting in loss of sexual sensation and decreased muscle tone.[2] Not only can this affect a woman’s sexual satisfaction, but vaginal laxity can also hinder self-confidence during romantic encounters. To improve vaginal laxity, FormaV’s radiofrequency energy stimulates fibroblast cells in the vaginal walls. These cells produce more collagen. Also, the thermal energy causes neovascularization as new blood vessels form to bring more restorative properties to the atrophied cells. With FormaV, patients can invigorate their vaginal muscles and reverse any vaginal atrophy that may have stemmed from menopause.

Urinary Incontinence

Another intimate issue with weak pelvic floor muscles is urinary incontinence. This condition affects between 15% and 55% of women in all adult age ranges.[3] With weak vaginal muscles, it can be difficult to control your bladder, oftentimes resulting in embarrassing mishaps that happen while doing mundane tasks like lifting a toddler from a high chair, sneezing, or reaching for the top shelf. 60% of women experience incontinence in the bedroom in a term known as coital incontinence.[4] Losing bladder control involuntarily during intercourse results in the loss of sexual satisfaction and an increase in bedroom anxiety. To treat urinary incontinence, FormaV tightens and reshapes vaginal tissue to help regain strength in bladder support and pelvic floor muscles. 

Labial Rejuvenation

When treated on the sensitive labial tissue, the radiofrequency permeates thermal energy through the tissue at a temperature of 40°C (104°F)  and 45°C (113°F). At this safe but effective temperature, FormaV’s radiofrequency energy can tighten and contract labial tissue. During a FormaV session, our nurse will treat the labia with the FormaV device to incite natural collagen production in this tissue. This nonsurgical solution is ideal for women who are uncomfortable with how their intimate area appears and wish to work with Mother Nature to look and feel their best!

About Radio-Frequency Energy 

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Our body’s soft tissue is made up of cellular matrices of elastin and collagen fibers. These fibers interlock with other materials to keep our tissue tight and strong. In our youth, fibroblast cells readily distribute new collagen to repair damaged fibers or replace broken bands. This is why our skin remains wrinkle-free and smooth for most of our childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. However, as we age, our fibroblast cells wane in efficacy, resulting in less available restorative collagen and elastin. Over time, our existing fibers break or atrophy and –– with less collagen and elastin available –– our tissue gradually loses its elasticity. 

To combat this, radiofrequency generates a safe and effective thermal energy that permeates deep into the target tissue. The thermal energy releases heat shock proteins that trigger fibroblast cells to produce a more abundant supply of collagen and elastin. As more collagen and elastin fibers generate new tissue and discard damaged bands, the treated area tightens. After the procedure, the stronger treated tissue will continue to provide youthful results for weeks to come. 


When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, there are many different (and less effective) alternatives. These procedures oftentimes leave new mothers laid up for days, focusing on recovery. For many, surgeries also come with extensive preparation plans and involved procedures. However, with FormaV, patients can experience a quick and easy treatment that is virtually pain-free!

No Downtime

After a FormaV procedure, you can safely return to your daily routine without having to worry about any special recovery steps or procedures. Unlike other vaginal rejuvenating procedures, FormaV does not require any incisions or anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about planning for prolonged recovery times. 

Simple Procedure

For most patients, a FormaV procedure only takes half an hour to complete. The FormaV is a special wand-shaped device that inserts into the vaginal canal, where it then radiates restorative radiofrequency energy into the surrounding tissue. It can also be used on the vulva to improve sensation and labial laxity. One of our trained medical aesthetic professionals alters the depth and angle of the wand, ensuring that the thermal energy reaches the entire area. The patient only feels a slight warmth as the radiofrequency triggers their vaginal tissue to tighten. The FormaV operates at a high enough temperature to restore tissue elasticity but low enough to not form any scar tissue.[5]

Remarkable Results

After your FormaV session, you are free to resume all activities (even intercourse) that very day. In many clinical studies, researchers found that patients saw a significant increase in sexual satisfaction, a decrease in urinary incontinence, and a tightening effect that occurred almost immediately to their vagina and vulva.[6]


For those interested in total rejuvenation to their uterus, the first step is to schedule a personal consultation at our Rockwall offices. Patients who see the most benefit from FormaV are patients who fit the following criteria:

  • Are healthy and active. Being in good general health will assist the tissue tightening process.
  • Are unhappy with the appearance of their labia, or the tension of their vagina.
  • Have experienced one or more vaginal births.
  • Are looking for increased pleasure and sensation during sex! 

Personal Consultation

At your initial consultation, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. We will note any other cosmetic concerns that may stem from pregnancy or aging. For new mothers, many different changes come along with childbirth. We will be happy to discuss our other procedures to help you reclaim self-confidence in your body. Then, we will discuss your symptoms and determine if FormaV is the best step for you. Finally, we will give you a list of preparatory steps to follow in the interim before you leave. 

Preparation & Procedure

Since this procedure requires no incisions or surgical methods, preparation will be fairly light. We do ask that you stay well hydrated before and after the procedure. During your procedure, we will apply a lubricating gel to the area before applying the FormaV wand. Once placed, the FormaV wand will radiate thermal energy. You will feel a slight warmth that is soothing and tolerable. For vaginal treatments, we will gently insert and rotate the wand in 360 degrees to treat the area uniformly. Then, we will change the depth of the wand and repeat the process. Once we have treated the entire vaginal canal, we will use the wand to target the vulva. This will help tighten loose labial skin and improve clitoral sensation. After this quick treatment, you’ll be free to resume your daily activities!

Recovery & Results

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You will notice initial tightening to the skin and tissue right away, but results will gradually appear for the next few weeks. Patients report that problems like incontinence and low sexual satisfaction resolve a couple of weeks after their FormaV session. You should expect to see final results within two to three months

How Much Does Votiva FormaV Cost in Dallas?

The cost of your procedure will depend on the procedural requirements during your treatment. We will discuss and determine the cost of your care during your initial consultation. Please visit our specials page if you would like to see our monthly specials. You can read up on previous patients’ experiences by clicking here and stay up-to-date on the aesthetics industry by reading our blog! To talk with us directly, don’t hesitate to call us at (469) 769-7101.


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