Laser Scar Revision

Laser Scar Revision Dallas TX

Laser scar revision is a treatment that restructures scar tissue to better match the surrounding undamaged skin. Scars have a different texture and coloration compared to undamaged skin because the body responds to wounds by quickly laying out new collagen fibers. The process produces an uneven distribution of collagen fibers. Laser scar revision gradually improves the collagen structure so that your scar is not as obvious. The treatment may also help with scars that are indented into the skin, as well as raised scars.


Dr. Baker uses laser or RF technology for scar revision, specifically the Morpheus8 system, IPL® (intense pulsed light), or laser energy. The treatments work by applying thermal energy to the scar tissue, which stimulates new collagen production.


Laser scar revision works for most superficial scars that are not connected to tissue below the skin. The type and size of scar is also considered when recommending laser skin revision.


No downtime is needed after each laser scar revision treatment. The skin may feel sensitive and have a slightly red appearance for the first few days.


Laser scar revision permanently restructures the skin and collagen. You may need a series of treatments to achieve maximum results. Dr. Baker explains your treatment plan during the free consultation.